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Send message in real-time with no queueing

In this tutorial you will learn how to send real time messages using the API. Real time messages will be delivered only if the session is online. If not, they won't be sent to the queue like a regular message and the API will return you an error.

This there are several scenarios where this kind of time-sesitive messages could be preferred to the regular messages that are queued if the session is not online. For instance, you might need to have a synchronous interaction with a contact and your message would not be of any use if delivered at a later time, so you would rather send the message immediately or not send it at all.

Time sensitive messages such as OTP (One Time Password) are a typical use for this type of message too.

If you want to send messages from code, you can use any programming language that can perform HTTPS requests to the API. Please find below the live API tester with ready-to-use code examples in a variety of programming languages.


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