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What to do if your number gets disconnected

The authorization of your device in Utio should be a one-time process (unless you deauthorize it on purpose), but there are a few cases where it might happen that your device gets deauthorized. Please find below the most common scenarios and how to solve this problem.

You have too many WhatsApp linked devices active

At the moment WhatsApp allows you connect several WhatsApp Web / Desktop linked devices. One of these device sessions should be connected to Utio in order to send and receive messages through the platform.

It often happens that you may have to delete a linked device in order to connect a new one, and by mistake the deleted one is the one linked to Utio. This will cause the service to stop sending and receiving messaging through your WhastsApp number, requering you to re-connect the session by replacing or creating a new linked device from the WhatsApp mobile app.

It is important to note that by using Utio multi-user web chat, you no longer need to connect multiple WhatsApp devices, and you can benefit of many powerful features to improve WhatsApp capabilities designed for productivity and cooperative shared access for your team, and connect as many users as you need from different computers at the same time.

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